Yes or No

I have been wanting to see this lesbian themed Thai film ever since but maybe because of my sincerest respect and views to women as somebody sacred, I’ve turned this one down for several times but was able to have it finally seen now.

And as I didn’t yet anticipate,this film made me so giddy, I mean to a point that I was shivering with excitement as scenes that only guy and girl couples do lingered up to my very bones. And I was honestly like a pubescent boy who had his crush passed by as these girls passionately kissed. I literally uttered (well mentally) “Oh-how-sweet” then my smile went up to my ears.

Plus maybe the very purpose why this film had been made is that to show how in most societies nowadays still do not accept the third and fourth sexes and how hard it is as well to people belonging in those genders to let out their feelings and emotions the way they want them to. (though the ending of this was okay) 

But if I would be asked,about my sentiments about it,all I can say is that I actually have nothing against them, I mean, it’s their lives, if they wanted to be like that, then so be it. I have my own life to mind in the first place.

It’s been quite a long time since I last watched a Thai Film and watching this was a very good way to reunite with it.

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